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The organisation was founded in 1986 by a group of therapists trained in primal therapy by Dr. Arthur Janov at the 'l'Institut Primal Europeen' in Paris. The organisation's work is based on the theories of Arthur Janov, Alice Miller and John Bowlby, who illustrate very powerfully the importance of good attachments and who show how children can be traumatised both in families and in institutions, such as schools and hospitals. The suffering caused by lack of love, care, touch or attention, or by physical or sexual abuse, can rarely be communicated or expressed by the child. London Association of Primal PsychotherapistsWithout anyone to recognise their pain, a child will all too often blame him or herself. The consequences of this can be far reaching, ranging from mild discontent, anxiety, depression, problems in relationships through to crippling disability and unhappiness. In our experience, painful childhood traumas and disturbed family relationships must be worked through with one consistent therapist. Within the therapeutic relationship, the consequences of early painful relationships and experiences can emerge. It is our aim to provide an environment in which emotions can be recognised, felt and worked through.

We offer supervision to other professionals who are interested in our method of working. This can be done either face to face or via the telephone.

Medical Consultations
Clients coming from abroad and who stay in London are advised to register with a medical doctor. We also have a doctor who is available for private consultations.

Equal Opportunities
LAPP is an equal opportunites organisation, actively committed to issues of equal opportunities, diversity and issues of intercultural practice.

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Tel. 0207 267 9616
Fax: 0207 482 0858

LAPP does not accept responsibility for, and does not endorse the content of any external sites linked to the LAPP website. LAPP regrets that it does not respond to requests for therapeutic advice via this web site.
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