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How therapy is organised
A client will normally start with one to three sessions per week. We no longer offer the three week intensive phase which we have found to be an unsatisfactory clinical model.

primal_therapyIn our literature, we emphasise the importance of the quality of the therapeutic relationship which is crucial to the success of any therapy. At the end of the three weekly intensive phase, therapy contact was reduced from five times per week to possibly once weekly. At best this is a disruption of the pace of therapeutic work, at worse, it can feel like abandonment by the therapist and a repetition of trauma which does not aid resolution and is detrimental to the success of therapy.

Breaking down defences over a brief period does not, in our opinion, improve the therapeutic outcome. We find it more satisfactory to increase the frequency of sessions, should that be needed, after a client has been in therapy for a period of time.

The number of sessions per week that are recommended will vary from person to person according to their circumstances, both personal and financial and of course these can change over the course of a therapy. The minimum that is required is normally one session per week.

However, it should be understood that the structure we offer is not suited to everyone and in order to ascertain that the therapy we offer is appropriate one for you, it is necessary to have an assessment interview.

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