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Telephone sessions
Since many of our clients live some distance from London, we have developed a system of maintaining therapy contact via the telephone. Some clients use a mixture of face-to-face contact whilst others rely mainly on the telephone for their therapeutic contact. We are sometimes asked how this form of therapy can be useful, because in a normal therapy session non-verbal forms of communication can be so important. It is true that not being literally in the same room can be a limitation.

An example would be when the client feels the need for the therapist's physical presence in the room. However, there are also clients who feel freer to explore their feelings and emotions when they are not physically in the presence of another person. It is clear from this brief description that there are clients who are more suited to therapy via the telephone than others.

therapy primalIt is always a requirement that the therapist and the client have met each other and worked together, usually for quite a period of time. If a therapist knows their client it is possible to pick up the subtleties of the voice communication and to stay in touch with the client's emotions. Equally, knowing the therapist personally, helps the client feel safer and more contained. Just as a visually impaired person develops hearing that is extra acute, so a therapist who works on the telephone develops an ability to hear the nuances of meaning and feeling.

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